Companies Currently Servicing

Shipbuilding and Repair
Oil and Gas
Marine Delivery
Marine Supplies
On-Site Truck Service
Container Service
Mechanic Shops
River Services
Overhaul Diesel Engines
Leasing Trucks
Aerial Lifting
Material Handling
Parts Stores
and more
Agriculture -- Construction -- Forestry -- Government --
Heavy Construction -- Industrial -- Military
-- Waste --
Off-Road Heavy Equipment -- On-Road Heavy Equipment
All years
All makes and models
For Diesel or Gas Engines

 Barges, Oil Rigs, Tugboats, Fishing Boats

Recreational:  Outboards
    Heavy Duty Vehicles
Emergency:          EMS, Fire, Police, Ambulance, Rescue

Commercial:       Semi/Trucks, Utility, Refrigeration, Limousine,
                               Bus - Transit, School, Shuttle

Recreational:      Motorhomes, SUVs, Trucks, Automobiles
Heavy Duty Starting and Charging Systems
Let Us Get Y'all Started!
Re-manufactured : New : Repaired
IM Starters & Alternators, LLC
Inventory Ready To Swap Out
We provide this service for all of our customers.  We will even go on-site
and take a look at your equipment to assist you with your on-going problem
to your equipment.  Because of insurance reasons, we can NOT detach or
attach ANY units.  However, we can test the equipment to and from the
starter and alternator to eliminate possibilities.  We can advise possible
solutions to your problems.
Our Free Consulting / Trouble-Shooting Policy